About The Festival

Thoughts of Jamaica bring visions of sunshine, white sands, reggae beats, flavourful foods and its beloved and world-renowned rums. Our music, reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, will ebb and flow around you like a gentle breeze, calming the senses and filling your heart with pure bliss. The air, fragrant with the smell of something mouth-watering cooking nearby is a tantalizing promise of the best culinary experiences our country has to offer. Close at hand is the enduring unifier of a unique Jamaican vibe: the taste of rum, to awaken the palate and offer a little something more.
The first staging of the Jamaica Rum Festival was a success and set the bar for the second staging. It will showcase more of the best Jamaica has to offer in these culturally beloved categories. Jamaica Rum Festival 2020 will be held at Hope Gardens.
Unfolding in the lush landscape of Hope Gardens, nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains, the festival will offer rum tastings, rum and food pairing workshops, as well as live Jamaican musical acts throughout the day on both the main and demo stages.   Enjoy the cacophony of authentically Jamaican pieces from our vendors and exhibitors in our Craft Village and experience our rich culture and heritage.
The Jamaica Rum Festival is a celebration of Brand Jamaica. Join us as we explore and experience the robust flavours and subtle distinctions of the different brands of rum produced in Jamaica from Saturday February 29th to Sunday March 1st at Hope Gardens in Kingston, while enjoying first rate live music and some of the best food Jamaica has to offer.
A journey of authentic Jamaica awaits you as together we explore the very best of our rich culture and heritage.